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Many years ago I met a Japanese designer called Takenobu Igarashi whose work I admired enormously. In chatting – which wasn’t easy because he didn’t speak good English (although better than my Japanese!) - I asked him how he managed to create such beautiful work.

He thought long and hard before phrasing his answer: "To draw a line is difficult. When you have drawn ten lines one line is easier. When you have drawn a thousand lines one line is very easy."

This was the most eloquent explanation of experience that I have ever heard and, as you can tell, remains with me today.

RACE was created as a graphic design consultancy over thirty years ago in 1976. Since that time a thousand projects have been completed, encompassing both marketing and design. Projects including branding for global sporting events such as the Manchester Commonwealth Games through to imagery for a one-woman health therapy business. Each as important to RACE in its own way - although the Commonwealth Games brand was broadcast to an audience of a billion worldwide, whilst the health therapy business operates on a micro local scale.

With thirty years of experience RACE now operates as a network of consultants covering every aspect of design, branding and marketing.

Richard Morris.